Proliferative therapy applied in orthopedic medicine has the potential to restore problem tendon, cartilage, fascia, capsular and ligament tissue. The biomechanics of a joint can be corrected and optimized by precision treatments of prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy is:

  • A medical injection technique that stimulates the body's own cells to repair and replace degenerated tissue. Many pain and degenerative conditions can be alleviated by incorporating prolotherapy into your treatment regimen.
  • A safe and well-studied treatment that has been utilized in one form or another in medicine for thousands of years. Modern prolotherapy has been used by physicians in the United States since the 1920's. All medicines administered by Dr. Tallman have been FDA-approved for decades.
  • A treatment that is extremely technique sensitive. The success of the treatment resides in the skillset of the physician. Dr. Tallman utilizes the hands-on orthopedic knowledge and manual dexterity skills learned throughout chiropractic training while administering prolotherapy. Dr. Tallman has performed tens of thousands of safe and successful treatments.

Modern prolotherapy does not create scar tissue. Prolotherapy can be utilized to debride and treat scar tissue and post-surgical sites. Dr. Tallman's technique promotes healthy, optimum tissue.