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A picture is worth a thousand words. To the trained eye, an MRI offers valuable insight into your condition. Advanced imaging allows Dr. Tallman to have clear understanding of your diagnosis, and interpreting your individual nuances on the film helps the doctor plan the best treatment options for you. After reading tens of thousands of MRI / CT / x-ray films, Dr. Tallman frequently discovers pertinent findings not mentioned on the radiologist's report.

FDA-approved, non-steroidal, preservative-free medicines are tailored to each individual condition. Sometimes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and / or bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC stem cell therapy) is used.

Bring recent MRI / CT / x-ray films of the area to be read by Dr Tallman. He may order new studies depending upon the condition.

Back and neck pain, rotator cuff tears, herniated discs, joint arthritis, meniscus tears; see common conditions.

If you peruse an art gallery, you will notice distinct differences in the skill level of the artists. Regenerative injection techniques are only as good as the skill level of the physician administering them. Many treatment areas require delicate and fine movements of the needle to properly induce tissue regeneration. Since graduating medical school, Dr. Tallman has devoted his entire practice to perfecting the manual art of regenerative injection techniques. Our office has successfully treated many patients that have had little or no success with prolotherapy treatment by other doctors.

Most patients tolerate the procedures very well without any pain medications. Our office is very experienced with accommodating persons who are extremely sensitive and / or needle-phobic.

Prolotherapy is a treatment capable of restoring the patient to a pre-crash condition when ligament injury has occurred. If you were in a car crash and now have disc problems, bone spurs, and /or arthritis, ligament damage may have occurred.

BMAC stem cell devices are FDA-approved and the cells are harvested from your own body. BMAC has already been used safely in millions of medical and surgical procedures worldwide. Dr. Tallman only uses BMAC kits made in America. They are totally re-administered during your visit and our office does not manipulate or store the cells in any way.

Even injuries sustained many decades ago can still be alleviated by Dr. Tallman's treatments.

We have helped many patients that have already undergone spinal fusion, laminectomy, joint replacement, arthroscopic procedures, etc.

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