Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from centrifuging the patient's blood. Your own platelets, white blood cells and stem cells are separated from the rest of your blood and are available for injection within 15 minutes of drawing.

Extensive research discovered PRP to have important healing capabilities, and has been used to help with open heart surgery recovery since the 1970's. Over the past few years, technological advances have helped lower the cost of extracting PRP and have made its use more widely available.

To get maximum benefit from the PRP, it must be properly handled and injected in a precise fashion. Not all PRP separating devices are equal, not every injection technique is equal.

Dr. Tallman utilizes all of the manual skills learned throughout chiropractic training while carefully administering PRP. It is often necessary to correct structural problems with prolotherapy before administering PRP. Dr. Tallman has performed thousands platelet rich plasma treatments.

NY Times article about PRP

The kits used by Dr. Tallman to extract PRP are always entirely brand-new, sterile and disposable.
Dr. Tallman only uses name-brand kits, never unapproved, lab-use only test tubes.