Wrist & Hand

Common conditions that have responded well to treatments by Dr Tallman:


* Carpal Osteoarthritis (wrist arthritis)

* Triangular Fibrocartilage Tear (TFCC tear)

* Dequervain's Tenosynovitis

* Lunate / Capitate Dislocation (depending on severity)

* Scapholunate / Radioulnar / Radionavicular / Collateral Ligament Tears / Sprains

* Chronic Radioulnar, Carpal Sprains / Strains and Hypermobility

* Post-traumatic Extremity Dysfunction (old and unresolved complex injuries involving multiple areas of the joint(s) )


* Interphalangeal and Metacarophalangeal Osteoarthritis (finger and hand arthritis)

* 1st Metacarpocarpal Osteoarthritis (base of thumb arthritis)

* Trigger Finger

* Dupytren's Contracture

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

* Metacarpal, Phalangeal Sprains / Strains and Hypermobility