BMAC Stem Cells

Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) is a source of non-controversial active stem cells. Your own stem cells can be used to assist your body in the repair of degenerated tissue, with zero risk of rejection or disease transmission. BMAC must be injected in a precise fashion to be best utilized in joints with arthritis. Dr. Tallman has pioneered specialized needle manipulation techniques specifically for the use of BMAC.

Dr. Tallman has designed a virtually painless BMAC extraction technique that is performed in-office, taking approximately 10 minutes to complete. There is no downtime and only minimal temporary soreness has been reported in the extraction area. The liquid marrow is gently aspirated from the PSIS (back of the ilium bone: with a special needle, and the extracted marrow is then placed into a disposable cell separator where it is centrifuged for 15 minutes. After this, it is immediately available for injection. It is helpful with knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist, hip and elbow conditions.

Bone marrow aspirate concentrate stem cells vs. adipose derived stem cells:

Bone is the only tissue in the body capable of returning to 100% of original strength when injured. Only 30-60cc of liquid bone marrow is required for the BMAC procedure and it replenishes itself within days to a couple of weeks. BMAC procedures can be performed on a virtually unlimited basis, without side effects. Stem cells from BMAC are the active stem cells that the body has intended for immediate functional use.

BMAC stem cell devices are FDA-approved and the cells are harvested from your own body. BMAC has already been used safely in millions of medical and surgical procedures worldwide. Dr. Tallman only uses BMAC kits made in America. They are totally readministered during your visit and our office does not manipulate or store the cells in any way.

All stem cells originate from your bone marrow, making it the best source for orthopedic conditions.